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GeoC is an independent consulting engineering company for the areas of applied geological and engineering sciences. We employ experts in the fields of geological engineering, hydrogeology, water resource management, and hydraulic engineering as well as agricultural sciences. In these areas, we offer our clients not only technical competence and knowledgeable expertise but also a serious and qualified execution of the services we provide. Our high standards make it possible for us to offer our clients and partners services based on the most current scientific knowledge and technology available.

an Expert Co-operation

GeoC�s concept is rounded off by a network of scientists and engineers in related disciplines - "An Expert Co-operation." With the support of our partners, we carry through our contracts in areas including engineering plans, statics, and soil science as well as geophysics, marine biology, and the development of data bases and software. Additionally, we offer concepts for the recycling and decontamination of polluted surfaces. The strategy enables us to guarantee the quality of our work and our dependability. While doing so, we are able to react flexibly to the individual problems and expectations of our clientele

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Corporative Member of the Association of Engineers for Contaminated Sites ITVA


H. Hamer

Member of the German Association of Gas and Water Experts DVGW